World Clean-Up Day 2022


The World Clean Up Day Celebration was successfully held at Setsoto Stadium and Lepereng OlyAfrica Centre .

Following a successful and eventful season of youth games and international soccer games Setsoto stadium had become a home of dirt and plastic pollution thereby intriguing the LNOC to act on the unbearable conditions of the stadium
through its collaboration with LSRC and the support by the Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports and recreation, Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Express Credit.

Few speeches were made to commemorate this day; some of which include a powerful speech by the LNOC President Mr Tlali Rampoona
Who emphasised the importance of Environmental Cleanliness and encouraged Basotho especially the sporting fraternity to practise clean environment at all times.

The Celebration was extended to Lepereng OlymAfrica Centre where the Surrounding schools came in to clean the area with the guidance of our full time volunteers at the centre.

We would like to convey our heartfelt thanks giving to all organizations that made this event a success!

Stay tuned for more programs for the LNOC

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